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  • Straight PCB Socket (75Ω)
Impedance 75Ω
Current Rating 2A
Contact Resistance Inner Conductor ≤2.7MΩ Outer Conductor ≤2.7MΩ
Proof Voltage 750V / 50Hz
Retaining Clip Cu Alloy
Insulators PTFE / PBTP/ PI
Outer Conductor Cu Alloy
Inner Conductor Cu Alloy
Temperature Range -55 to 135°C
Mating Cycles (Standard) ≥500
Mating Cycles (Low Cost) ≥200

Straight PCB Socket (75Ω)

  • Cambridge Electronic Industries Ltd
  • Product Code: 31D-0270-16

The 31D-0270-16 is a straight PCB socket coaxial contact which has three mounting pins and has a 75Ω rating. 

  • Straight PCB Socket (75Ω)