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  • Right Angle Press Fit Power Sokcet Contact (30A)
Current Rating 10 - 40A with an ambient temp of 20°C
Contact Resistance ≤1MΩ
Pin Contact Cu Alloy with Au plating
Retaining Clip Cu Alloy
Socket Contact Cu Alloy
Temperature Range -55 to 155°C
Mating Cycles (Standard) ≥500
Mating Cycles (Low Cost) ≥200

Right Angle Press Fit Power Sokcet Contact (30A)

  • Cambridge Electronic Industries Ltd
  • Product Code: 31D-0300-**

The 31D-0300-** is a straight mounting press fit contact with a power rating of up to 30A. They can be used as a single contact as well as with DIN41612 and D-Subminiature connectors with mixed layouts. 

In addition to the exceptional 30 amp power capability the other unique feature of these contacts is the flexible nature of press fit. This offers the benefit of a relatively low insertion force of between 80-100N thereby protecting the PCB which may be populated with expensive components. Additional benefits are the general PCB drilling tolerances of between 2.8 and 3.0mm and the ability to fit a wide range of PCB thicknesses including multi-layer PCB's.

  • Right Angle Press Fit Power Sokcet Contact (30A)