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Visual Solutions in Medical Applications

Cambridge Electronic Industries are working with the pioneers of medical technology to provide interconnection solutions for their future developments. The introduction of medical robotics and surgeon centred visualisation solutions has added the requirement of precision imaging connectors for these applications.

These cutting-edge technologies offer high-resolution images directly to the operator, with the capability to be able to zoom in and focus on detail far greater than offered by the naked eye. This has led to dramatic improvements in patient safety, minimally invasive procedures, and improved surgical outcomes.

Improvements in Radiosurgery


The introduction of stereotactic radiosurgery has been a new therapy offered due to the advances in medical imaging and allows the therapy to be focused from different angles. This type of surgery is mainly used to treat abnormalities in the brain and spine, including cancer. In cancer treatment, surgeons can provide a high dose of radiation with the surrounding tissues receiving far less than the conventional single-beam radiotherapy treatment. This offers the patient better outcomes and fewer side effects from the lower doses of radiotherapy given to the tissues surrounding the tumour. 

Machine Learning and Medicine

Machine Learning and Medicine

The latest developments in radiology are taking medical imaging and combining this with Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. Such systems can be trained to read radiologic scans and tissue samples, which can expedite patient diagnoses and improve medical outcomes from early diagnosis. This requires clear 3D imaging solutions to be in place so that the computer system can analyse the difference between the healthy tissue and any abnormalities.

Pharmaceutical Production

Pharmaceutical Production

Machine Vision has been used in the production of pharmaceuticals for many years now. There are many aspects where the use of an automated system improves the outcomes for the pharmaceutical industry but the primary role of machine vision is ensuring that the products and packaging are of the optimal quality and provide traceability through the pharmaceutical supply chain. As machine vision technology advances and cameras become faster and with clearer imaging, pharmaceutical production and inspection have increased, thus lowering labour requirements and operating costs. 

12GHz Micro BNC Range

12GHz Micro BNC Range

The Micro BNC range of connectors offers medical machinery suppliers, that are using the Machine Vision standards of up to CXP-12, to have precision high-quality connections to their equipment in small profiles, making this the perfect solution where a wearable connection may be required. The secure bayonet fitting offers certainly of connection, but also allows for quick interchangeability should the user require a different headset or tool to be deployed. Now available as part of our stocked range we are happy to help with design support of new products in the medical and surgical fields. 

Neuron CXP Repeaters

Neuron CXP Repeater

Our Neuron CXP Repeater from our Xtensa range has also been helping provide crystal clear images in robotic surgery, where the low voltage signals required for the internal operations of laparoscopic surgery, can only provide low-resolution images. Having a Neuron repeater in the system allows the engineer the flexibility to boost the received signals and increase the images to a full CXP-12 specification. This offers the surgeon a stable 3D HD visual, which combined with greater dexterity and depth perception improves the outcomes of the surgical procedures for the patient. The small profile of the neuron repeater at only 48mm long and 20mm wide, means that it can be hidden easily inside the equipment housing. The Neuron CXP Repeater also has excellent EMC shielding capabilities which of course are of utmost importance in the operating theatre to ensure there is no interference with external equipment and monitoring systems. 

With the increasing use of machine vision in a broader spectrum of diversifying marketplaces, Cambridge Electronic Industries are uniquely placed to offer both design and manufacturing capability for any new equipment designs or systems installation, providing solutions in connection components and cabling solutions.