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  • C-SX-196G - Dual Port Micro BNC PTH-SMT Connector
Impedance 75Ω
Frequency Range 0 - 12GHz
Working Voltage 250Vrms
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 750Vrms
Reflection Factor (VSWR) 1.74 (max) 0 - 12GHz
Contact Resistance Centre contact 4.0mΩ Outer contact 2.5mΩ
Insulation Resistance >1000M Ω
Connector Type Female
Metal Parts Body: Brass / Au Interface: Brass / Ni
Centre Pin BeCu / 10µ"Au
Insulators PTFE
Temperature Range -65 to +85°C
Mating Cycles 500
Processing Maximum reflow and hand soldering temperature 245°C
General Information
Mounting Type Right Angled
Leg Length 2.4mm
Hardware Supplied with 2 x 2 slot circular nuts

C-SX-196G - Dual Port Micro BNC PTH-SMT Connector

  • Cambridge Electronic Industries Ltd
  • Product Code: C-SX-196G

Our range of 12GHz Precision Micro BNC coaxial connectors are optimised for 4K/Quad HD and Ultra HD Broadcast applications and have been developed under the CoaxVisionTM Brand name, while meeting the JIIA CoaXPress specification. These high performance connectors allow you to achieve a 12GHz channel in one single connection. The  Micro BNC connectors are
mateable with any standard Micro BNC connector, but to achieve optimum performance we recommend using Cambridge Connectors 12GHz CoaxVisionTM Micro BNC Connectors in both halves.

The C-SX-196G is a dual port Micro BNC connector with a through hole pin at the front and a surface mount pin to the rear, finished with gold plate and is supplied with two M6 circular nuts. Other finishes are also available. 

  • C-SX-196G - Dual Port Micro BNC PTH-SMT Connector

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