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Impedance 75Ω
Frequency Range 0 - 12 GHz
Working Voltage ≥500Vrms
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage ≥1500Vrms
Reflection Factor (VSWR) ≤1.2 (0-6GHz) ≤1.3 (6-12GHz)
Contact Resistance Centre contact 1.5 m Ω Outer contact 1.0 m Ω
Insulation Resistance >5 G Ω
Body Finish Brass / Ni or Au Plating
Centre Pin Brass / 2µ"Au
Insulators PTFE
Temperature Range -65 to +165°C
Mating Cycles 500
General Information
Mounting Type Cable Mounted
Cable Types Cable Group BA (1855A - mini RG59 - 4855R - RG180BU)

XBT-1071-NGBA - BNC Bulkhead Cable Mounted Socket

  • Cambridge Electronic Industries Ltd
  • Product Code: XBT-1071-NGBA

Our range of 12GHz Precision BNC coaxial connectors are optimised for 4K/Quad HD and Ultra HD Broadcast applications and meeting the JIIA CoaXPress specification. These high
performance connectors allow you to achieve a 12GHz channel in one single connection. The BNC connectors are mateable with any standard BNC connector, but  optimum performance is achieved when PCB mounted styles are interfaced with these Cambridge Connectors 12GHz  BNC plugs, designed for use with in the BA cable group such as Belden 1855A  and 4855R.

The XBT-1071-NGBA connector is a cable mounted  BNC plug, which can be used with Belden cables for 12G applications.

The following tool is recommended for this connector:
XBT-1071-NGBA = TLG 109 or TLG 110

  • XBT-1071-NGBA - BNC Bulkhead Cable Mounted Socket

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