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Current Rating, Stamped Contacts 3A
Operating Voltage 250V
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 1000Vrms
Connector Type Male / Female
Metal Parts Steel with tin plate finish
Contacts copper alloy, screw machined, nickel plating with gold flash
Insulators thermoplastic rated UL94 V-O
Temperature Range -55 to +155°C
Processing Hand and wave soldering

Standard D Subminiature Connector - American and Euro Spacings

  • Cambridge Electronic Industries Ltd
  • Product Code: DAmerican

These low cost right angled PCB mount connectors are available in 9, 15, 25 and 37 way configurations. Connector housings are moulded using glass reinforced thermoplastic polyester, UL94 V-O approved, and are black in colour. The rolled steel front shells are tin plated. Contacts which are stamped and formed, are manufactured from copper alloy and the standard plating finish provides gold flash over nickel. These connectors are available in three configurations, short American, long American and European.



  • Standard D Subminiature Connector - American and Euro Spacings