Current Rating, Machine Contacts 5A
Operating Voltage 250V
Dielectric Strength 50kV/mm
Connector Type Male / Female
Metal Parts Steel, blue chromate or tin plate finish
Contacts copper alloy, screw machined with gold plating
Insulators heat resistant glass filled UL94 V-O
Temperature Range -55 to +155°C
Processing Hand and Wave Soldering

Standard D Subminiature Connector - Low Profile

  • Cambridge Electronic Industries Ltd
  • Product Code: DLowProfile

The standard D subminiature range offers a high quality range in 9 ,15, and 25  way versions. The low profile right angle design for multiple applications. They are available with non removable screw machined contacts.  The connector shells are finished with tin plate over nickel.


  • Standard D Subminiature Connector - Low Profile