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Current Rating, Machine Contacts 5A
Current Rating, Stamped Contacts 3A
Operating Voltage 250V
Dielectric Strength 50kV/mm
Connector Type Male / Female
Filtering 1nF
Metal Parts Steel, blue chromate or tin plate finish
Contacts copper alloy, screw machined or stamped, with gold, tin or selective plating
Insulators thermoplastic rated UL94 V-O
Temperature Range -55 to +155°C
Processing Crimp

Standard D Subminiature Connector - Straight PCB

  • Cambridge Electronic Industries Ltd
  • Product Code: DStraight

The standard D subminiature range offers a high quality range in 9 ,15, 25, 37 and 50 way versions. The straight PCB D types are designed for direct mounting to PCB boards and are suitable for boards up to a thickness of 5mm . They are available with non removable screw machined contacts .  The connector shells are finished with tin plate over nickel or blue chromate over zinc. Each connector is available filtered or unfiltered to suit your application.



  • Standard D Subminiature Connector - Straight PCB