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Sn is an alternative to Ni for body plating. It has an improved solder-ability to that of Ni. However, Sn is quick to oxidise and therefore has a relatively short shelf life of 3-12 months depending on the ambient humidity and temperature.


Black Chrome and Olive Drab

These are specialist plating options associated with harsh environment applications, such as found in the Military and Aerospace industries. Their use is restricted to the outer elements of the connector which are not required to be highly conductive. These finishes provide high durability, corrosion resistance and non-reflective appearance.


All our connectors are available in any of the plating finishes and we are happy to discuss your requirements for your project needs. 

Plating Options

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At Cambridge Electronic Industries we are proud to be able to offer our own of precision coaxial connectors. As well as being able to design our connectors to your specification or requirement, we are also able to manufacture connectors in a specific finish, to suit your application.



Our standard connector body is Nickel plated, which provides a durable shiny finish as well as good resistance to corrosion and wear.



Au plating is our standard plating for connector centre pins, as it provides high conductivity and resistance to oxidisation. 

  • Plating Options