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Impedance 75Ω
Frequency Range 0 - 12GHz
Working Voltage 170Vrms
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 500Vrms
Reflection Factor (VSWR) 1.05 (max) DC - 6.0GHz 1.09 (max) 6.0 - 12.0GHz
Contact Resistance Centre contact 5.0mΩ Outer contact 2.5mΩ
Insulation Resistance >1000MΩ
Connector Type Female
Metal Parts Brass / Au
Centre Pin BeCu / 10µ"Au
Insulators PTFE
Temperature Range -65 to +85°C
Mating Cycles 500
Processing Reflow Processing Temp 245°C Hand Solder Temp 245°C
General Information
Mounting Type End Launch
Board Thickness 1.6mm
Leg Length 1.6mm
Hardware Supplied with a 2 slot circular nut

C-SX-200 - End Launch Surface Mount Micro BNC Socket (for automatic placement)

  • Cambridge Electronic Industries Ltd
  • Product Code: C-SX-200

With a light weight construction and flat top surface this 12 GHz surface mount Micro BNC Coaxial Connector is specifically designed to aid automated placement techniques universally adopted in volume production processes. This End Launch Surface Mounting  Micro BNC connector from Cambridge Electronic Industries facilitates transmission rates over a single channel of up to 12 Gbits/s thus permitting significantly increased wiring densities. The C-SX-200 is supplied individually with a 2 slot circular nut  and can be offered in a tape and reel version of 650 pieces.






  • C-SX-200 - End Launch Surface Mount Micro BNC Socket (for automatic placement)

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