Xtensa CXP Repeater - Product Range

Cambridge Electronic Industries, are proud to announce the world’s first CoaXPress Repeater range capable of working at CXP-12. The device supports all speeds up to CXP-12 and removes the problem with the potentially prohibitive short connection lengths of CXP-12 as well as providing signal improvement.

The Xtensa Challenger is a small lightweight qualified device and is available in either a single, dual or quad connection formats and has been approved by the JIIA as compliant with the CoaXPress V2.0 standard.

The Xtensa Neuron, is the smallest CXP Repeater available at only 48mm long, including the connectors, 20mm high and 14mm deep. The Neuron can be discreetly placed in a post installation environment or designed within existing equipment. 

The Xtensa Repeaters are plug and play devices which provide a cost-effective copper alternative to a fibre system, whilst drastically increasing the connection length at a given bit rate between the host and device. The repeaters require no external power supply as it uses Power over CoaXPress (PoCXP) technology.

The simplicity of the plug and play repeaters with their compact design allows them to be inserted discreetly into a production environment without redesign of the plant or equipment. It can also be used multiple times in a single connection as long as the system designer observes the power budget requirements.

The Xtensa Repeater range is manufactured in Great Britain. The Challenger and Neuron are available with Micro BNC connections as standard, offering the full range of speed up to CXP-12. There is a wall mounting kit for the Challenger Repeater, available separately and coaxial cables can also be manufactured to your requirement.

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