• Straight or angled hoods
  • Rugged MDR ribbon and contact style
  • Quick release latching mechanism
  • Beige and other colours available
  • Plastic cover over shielding can or die cast cover
  • Paired, shielded cable


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3MTM MDR Cables

This type of cable may be more difficult to find - 3M™ Mini D Ribbon cable is typically used for IEEE 1284C interfaces (36 way) and digital LCD interfaces (2- or 26 way). Cambridge Electronic Industries are one of the few specialist manufacturers of high speed digital data transmission cables using the 3M™ MDR Mini D Ribbon System. These cables have a pitch of 0.050” (1.27mm), and the connector contact areas have a minimum of 30ɲ” gold plating. They can be made in M/M, F/F or M/F combinations with quick release clips. They can also be terminated to other connector systems if required.

The EMC shielded shell and foil or braid shielded pair cable together ensure the best possible protection of signal integrity. They give operating ratings of 1 amp and 30 volts at temperatures from -20° to +75°. We supply 3M™ MDR cables in any length, and we can include them in custom assemblies, with other types of connectors.


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