M16 Connectors

M16 & M20 Circular Connectors

At a diameter of 16mm, the larger size of the M16 circular connector allows for higher pin counts of up to 14 pins in our range. These connectors are an ideal choice if you are looking for a solution that offers flexibility of design and can be used in many different applications including instrumentation and measurement or anywhere that may need sensor signals.

Our M20 connectors offer both front and rear-mounted options. The front mounting option features a power and signal control system which offers between 2 and 3 power pins with up to 18 signal pins in a single connector.

M20 Connectors

As a connector design house we are happy to offer bespoke designs for your project, so if you have a different requirement in an M16 or M20 design, but don’t see this in our range, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist. For more technical information, design assistance or a quotation to your specification, please contact us directly at sales@cambridgeelectronics.com

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