Solutions for Broadcast Equipment

Cambridge Electronic Industries are the world leaders in the development of emerging technology in coaxial connectors. Our extensive range of 12GHz coaxial connectors offers future-ready solutions with designs optimised for 12G-SDI, meeting the SMPTE standard of ST 2082 and offering video formats up to 2160p60.

With the trend for miniaturisation of equipment, our Micro BNCs offer all the speeds, up to 12G-SDI, of the standard BNCs, but in a profile that is around half the size. Reducing the size of the camera and postproduction equipment offers the user a flexible solution without compromising on image quality.

As the designer and manufacturer of our products, we are always happy to discuss new ideas with customers and will assist with information in the design stages as well as competitive pricing for prototyping, to get your new design into production. We also offer cable assemblies, made to suit your requirement, from our in-house manufacturing facility.


The BNC Range

The BNC range offers the industry-standard connection style with speeds to match the requirement for crystal clear images and high definition of 12G-SDI. For PCB connections there are a wide variety of mounting options from right-angled and edge mounted to top entry and for cable connections we have both male and female genders which are designed for use with Belden cables, offering the complete system connection range.

Our BNC Range

For new designs, not only do these connectors work at all speeds up to 12GHz but are shown to provide a lower reflection factor at lower frequencies when compared to a similar style product that works to only 6GHz. Standardising to a connector range, with future expansion, also allows the user to design robust interconnection modules which can be used in many designs whilst benefitting from keen component pricing due to volume manufacturing using the same part.


12GHz Micro BNC Range

12GHz Micro BNC Range

The Micro BNC range offers the user the same electrical characteristics of the BNC connector whilst meeting the expectations of the SMPTE ST 2082 standard, but on a smaller footprint; offering higher packing densities and assisting in the miniaturisation of the overall equipment profile. Our Micro BNC range offers a selection of the favourite connectors, in single right angle, edge mount and top entry connections as well as dual-port options, again with cable connectors designed for use with Belden cable, offering the complete connection profile.



6GHz DIN 1.0/2.3 Range

6GHz DIN 1.0/2.3 Range

For applications only requiring 6GHz, we can also offer our DIN 1.0/2.3 format which is the smallest coaxial connector style available. The DIN 1.0/2.3 cable connectors offer options from non-latching, quick release options through to screw styles which lends them to many different applications. The tiny profile of the connector means that it can be used where space is an issue, but still offers the precision high-quality imaging requirements of the SMPTE ST 2081-1.