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Broadcast - Cambridge Electronic Industries are world leaders in the development of future technology in connectors for the broadcast market. Always forward thinking, our designs are future ready for emerging markets in higher resolution technology.

Machine Vision - As automation in manufacturing becomes increasingly high tech, the need for accurate, fast and reliable systems is crucial. Cambridge Electronic Industries record of creating high quality, reliable and future ready components means that the capabilities of this expanding market are realised.

Telecommunications - In the changing times for telecommunications with the convergence of service modes, Cambridge Electronic Industries can provide standard connection systems, plug and play cable assemblies as well as bespoke solutions.

Rail - Rail technology is moving forward at a great pace and reliable communications are a ever important requirement for signalling and safety, especially as train speeds are increasing. Cambridge Electronic Industries connectors and cable assemblies provide a reliable solution for any application within the growing rail market.

Aerospace - Cambridge Electronic Industries expertise in design and manufacture of high quality connectors and cable assemblies ensures optimal performance and reliability within all your applications.

Defence - Cambridge Electronic Industries custom design service can create bespoke solutions for use in demanding conditions, whether it be extreme temperatures, vibration or shock, which are requirements for the defence sector.

Medical - As advances in medical discoveries increase the machinery to support these require state of the art technology products to launch them into a wider market. Cambridge Electronic Industries products can be used in numerous aspects of medical equipment design from broadcast links to robotic and computer based technology.

Test And Measurement - Cambridge Electronic Industries not only provide connection solutions for panel mounted test equipment products, but reliable and rugged cable assemblies for patch cables and specialise test and measurement applications.

Instrumentation - Cambridge Electronic Industries offer both standard and custom connectors, housings and cable assemblies for demanding environments, where designs need to have the ability to be rugged, waterproof or shielded from external environmental conditions.

Autonomous, Electric and Hybrid Vehicles - As technology advances in the car market with the introduction of electric and hybrid vehicles and the design and research into autonomous transport, Cambridge Electronic Industries are working with designers to create the interconnection and cable solutions of the future.