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  • 6GHz BNC (m) to BNC (m) Patch Cables - RG59 Cable
Impedance 75Ω
Frequency Range 0 - 6GHz

6GHz BNC (m) to BNC (m) Patch Cables - RG59 Cable

  • Cambridge Electronic Industries Ltd
  • Product Code: CA-BCPBCP-SO-XXXXX

These patch adaptors are designed to fit directly onto equipment with BNC (f) ports and provide the connection to the rest of the network. The materials, connectors, cables and construction methods utilised ensure that these patch leads meet the high speed, high definition demands of 6GHz CoaXPress machine vision applications.

Cable Length (XXXXX) is the required cable length in mm E.g. 1 metre = 01000. Standard lengths are from 1M to 10M in metre intervals, but other lengths are available on request. The SO part number signifies RG59 type cable, but other cables can be used.

Clean Room Cables- Particle generation caused by moving cables is a significant problem in clean rooms. Cambridge Electronic Industries can assist in minimising this problem. For further information email or sales team at  sales@cambridgeelectronics.com

  • 6GHz BNC (m) to BNC (m) Patch Cables - RG59 Cable