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  • 12GHz BNC (m) to Micro BNC (m) Coaxial Cable Assembly- Belden 4694R Cable
Impedance 75Ω
Frequency Range 0 - 12GHz

12GHz BNC (m) to Micro BNC (m) Coaxial Cable Assembly- Belden 4694R Cable

  • Cambridge Electronic Industries Ltd
  • Product Code: CA-BZPHBP-XO-XXXXX

To ensure signal integrity over the 12G-SDI transmission path it is essential for interconnection systems to be constructed with 12G-SDI compliant components. At Cambridge Electronic Industries, we use our precision 12GHz connectors coupled with high-quality cables from world-leading branded manufacturers. All our 12GHz cable assemblies meet the needs of the Broadcast, HDTV and other high speed, high definition vision applications, as well as meeting the CXP-12 CoaXPress standards. 

The CA-BZPHBP-XO-XXXXX is a BNC plug to Micro BNC plug patch cable made with Belden 4694R cable, which can be made to any length required. We have no minimum order quantities for special length cables and they can be further customised with colour coding, bespoke labelling and special marking to suit custom applications.

If you are looking for a long distance cable, but are being prohibited due to maximum transmission distances, take a look at our Xtensa CXP repeater range which when used in conjunction with our cables can vastly extend the range of your signal over coaxial cable. 

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