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RG59 Cable

The RG59 Cable is used at baseband video frequencies, such as composite video. It can also be used for broadcast frequencies but it has a tendency to high-frequency losses especially over long distances. 

We are able to offer cable assemblies or cable connectors to suit applications using this cable type. You can see more information about cable connectors on the links below and if you have a cable assembly you would like us to manufacture, please send more details to;  sales@cambridgeelectronics.com 

Cable TypeCable GroupOperating FrequencyImpedanceJacket Material  / SizeDielectric Material / SizeCentre Conductor Material / SizeConductor TypeShielding Outer Conductor
RG59ABDC-1GHz75 ohmsPVC / 6.15mmSPE / 3.70mmCopper Clad Steel / 0.64mmSolidCopper Braid
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