The CEI Foundation


Africa Map

The CEI foundation was set up in memory of the founder and lifelong chairman of Cambridge Electronic Industries Michael (Mike) Wilson.

Mike spent a proportion of his working life in both East and West Africa and loved the continent and its people. The CEI foundation brings together both his passion for Africa and his keen sense for business, with the main aim of the foundation to promote entrepreneurs on the African Continent.

The CEI foundation focuses on individuals who are aiming to start new ventures on the African continent and need some extra support to be able to turn their ideas into reality. By supporting these individuals, they will in turn help many others in their communities by offering much needed jobs and facilities.

The CEI foundation aims to help as many people across Africa as possible with the coloured areas on the map showing where projects we are supporting are based. We hope to be able to turn the majority of the map 'Cambridge Blue', in our efforts to help those across Africa.

You can find out more information about, the people and ventures we have helped on our current projects page and our continuing projects page.